Любимка на Мбапе напомни за себе си с горещи снимки

Любимка на Мбапе напомни за себе си с горещи снимки

Лорена Халити очевидно тъжи за социалните контакти, както и за летните преживявания край морето. Моделът, който нашумя покрай симпатиите на футболната суперзвезда Килиан Мбапе сподели снимка в социалната мрежа Инстаграм, под която изрази чувствата си. Едва ли обаче последователите на красавицата от мъжки пол са обърнали внимание на текста, тъй като обаятелната косоварка е по сутиен и не оставя много на въображението.


Преди това пък Лорена публикува няколко горещи кадъра, от които разпалва фантазиите облечена в бяла тениска, която е намокрила в морето, а по-късно остава топлес.

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Long story: I was visiting Ulqin, Montenegro when @renuarlocaj and I randomly found one another on Instagram. We planned a sunset shoot and I was so nervous and excited. I had done photoshoots before, but nothing like this! Not to mention I was meeting with a complete stranger in a foreign country. I did my own makeup, chose my outfits, and was ready to go! There was one problem though- my family. I was on a family vacation so my extended family was there as well. As many of you know, I come from a traditional Albanian family. My dad and uncle weren’t comfortable with me going and even told me no at one point. All my excitement and efforts quickly disappeared and I was ready to call the photographer and cancel. I somehow convinced myself that this was a sign I shouldn’t do it. I was already skeptical and nervous to begin with, and now I was pleading with my family about me being allowed to go lol. This was a big deal for me, my parents are my best friends and this was the first time I had to really try and convince them in supporting a decision I was making. @bjondahaliti however was not taking no for an answer. She made valid points in supporting the shoot (without giving the option of any feedback or opinions lmao) and cancelled her plans to join me so my parents would be more comfortable. They still weren’t happy, but they let us go! Fast forward one month later- I get the photos back and share them on social media. My mother agent somehow comes across them and we exchanged information. A few days later I signed with my first modeling agency in LA. Now I’m in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and London. Guess who was just as ecstatic as I was? My parents. They’re my biggest fans and supporters- making my heart so full. Step outside your comfort zone. You never know how much more you have to keep digging before you reach your own pot of gold. Don’t let setbacks and challenges stand in the way of your dreams

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Фотосите събраха хиляди харесвания в профила на красавицата, но липсваше лайк от звездата на ПСЖ Килиан Мбапе.

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